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My Vision

Government is the husbanding of resources of all (citizens) for the benefit of each (individual). It is how we manage those resources that define us. We must be good stewards, not only for the present but for those that follow in the future.
. . . David B. Wamsley

These are only some of the ideas I have to take with me to the United States Senate. If we don't send someone who wants to make meaningful positive change, change will never happen.

Some years ago Max Cleveland published a watershed paper on the issue of change. In it, he pointed out the rigidity of institutions and those who work with them. Considering that I have not been part of the political system, I would like to think that I'm open to meaningful change.

People almost always ask, "Are you a Democrat or Republican?" I will answer, truthfully, that I am a Democrat. But actually, I feel that I am a visionary. After all, it was people with vision that began the United States. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and all the others who formulated a plan to break away from the mother country, England, were visionaries.

They saw a country that would be different, free, and unfettered by the bounds of a faraway power who saw them as lowly colonists, perhaps even chattel. It took vision to see America as a single entity. It took vision to expand railroads, factories, and provide for the working man while still ensuring that America was a strong capitalist economy. And, it took vision to look our enemies in the eye and overcome them with a combination of patriotism, bravery, and economic might.

Now we must have a new vision. My vision is an America with free health care for all. An America who maintains her position as the dominant military power of the world while at the same time retaining preeminence in the world economy. This is a vision that can be attained if we work together toward these goals. Refusing to do so means that we are accepting no better than second place in all areas of endeavor.

Your candidate for United States Senate
June 7, 2013

Campaign Platform

Have we had good stewards over the last several years? No, an emphatic No!!! I feel that it is very important to use basic principles to move forward for our future. This would include the use of positive imagery rather than the negativity I hear from many people.

The following positions represent the basis of my political platform.